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I just don,t want no more hassles I live in Wyoming and to get turned around at the border is about a 800 mile round trip to go no where. Every time I came thou with weapons I had a list of what I had ie barrel length, cal, and s/n # ready at the drive up to show the list. I filled out what they asked and was on my way 30m and gone I had a large list. I am not sure why you would be treated any other way if you did the same. You need to read the prohibited list very carefully as it is VERY lengthy – even guns like the Benelli 12 ga show up on it due to it being able to get 4 shells in it.

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  • A DUI charge or conviction from the USA can cause a traveler to be turned back at a land border crossing or detained and flown home upon landing at an airport in Canada, regardless of how long the visitor plans to stay in the country.
  • The Canadian government has been updating their visa and immigration rules every month.
  • If you have anything other than a dog, cat, or ferret, be sure to check the Canadian government inspection rulesbefore arriving at the border.

Most provinces require passengers to wear a mask on public transport. Testing centers are also available for foreign visitors in some provinces and territories in Canada. A government representative will call to provide additional instructions.

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Immediate and continuous transit is defined as a reasonably expeditious departure of the traveler in the normal course of travel as the elements permit and assumes a prearranged itinerary without any unreasonable layover privileges. If the traveler seeks layover privileges for purposes other than for transit through the United States, such as to visit friends or engage in sightseeing, the traveler will have to qualify for the type of visa required for that purpose. Divorced parents who share custody of their children should also carry the legal documents for their kids as well as contact information for the other parent. Other helpful documents include birth certificates, baptismal certificates, and immigration papers, if applicable. Border guards are especially diligent in keeping an eye out for unlawful border crossings involving children due to concerns about human trafficking. They may question you about children who come with you to Canada or question a child who travels alone.

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What to expect on entry, how we screen travellers, transiting through Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency is committed to the safety and security of residents of Canada. This section offers resources and information about how we continue to facilitate the flow of legitimate travel and trade during the current global pandemic. Find out what document you need to travel, visit family and friends, do business, or transit through Canada, and how to extend your stay.

You can find additional information on the Trusted Travelers program on US Department of Homeland Security website. Under the TTP, you can apply for one for either Global Entry, TSA PreCheck, SENTRI, NEXUS, or FAST, and each program offers you specific benefits. In addition, you can find the best match program on the online TTP portal based on your eligibility and travel habits. Gaspé Dropdown content overlooks the Gulf of St Lawrence, at the tip of the peninsula, almost 700km north-east of the provincial capital. Québec’s residents flock here to escape the city and often relax at fishing camps.

These may be brought temporarily into Canada for sporting or hunting use during hunting season, use in competitions, in-transit movement through Canada, or personal protection against wildlife in remote areas of Canada. Anyone wishing to bring hunting rifles into Canada must be at least 18 years old; properly store the firearm for transport; and follow the declaration requirements. Canadian law requires that officials confiscate any firearms, ammunition, and other weapons from persons crossing the border who deny having the items in their possession. Confiscated firearms, ammunition, and weapons are not returned.

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The documentation should also include photocopies of the parents’ state-issued identification. Again, be prepared to answer questions about the reason for the journey and your relationship to the child with whom you are traveling. You can only apply for an eTA on this official Government of Canada website.